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Powerful, yet affordable small business SEO services that will help you acquire more targeted traffic.

Leads Mate serves you with the same quality and results that bigger agencies offer. Just at a lower price. It’s time to stop wasting your marketing budget and partner with the best.


Leads Mate carefully tested, refined and supercharged each of our processes to deliver consistent results, consistently! 

There are no short-cuts and no dodgy black hat tactics. You get effective strategies producing reliable and quality results that will last your site long-term.

Affordable Small Business SEO Service for the Best ROI

The long-term effect of proper website SEO makes it the best Digital Marketing channel for ROI. 

With affordable small business SEO services and quality strategies offered by Leads Mate, you will continue to reap the benefits long after the campaign ends.

SEO for Small Businesses

An Easy Plan to Compete Against Big Brands

When it comes to rankings, search engines follow a process to determine which sites can be trusted and offers the best answer to the searcher’s intent. So no matter the size of your business, it’s about being relevant to search queries. This is where small business SEO services will help you.

SEO is the best way to level the playing field against big brands and an investment you will profit from for years. With the affordable small business SEO services from Leads Mate, now is the time to take action.

Number 1 Trophy for winning on topical relevancy

Topical Relevance is the secret weapon that will help you defeat your competition. With the right content and page optimisations, you can be sure to stand out in search results.

Plate with 5 Stars representing Excellent SEO

People are attracted to things that make their lives easier. To be in the top search results, your site should satisfy online visitors’ desires at record-breaking speed on any type of device.

Your SEO Success Strategy

Whether you want to rank locally or nationally, get the game plan to take you to the top

Leads Mate offers a full range of comprehensive, yet affordable small business SEO services to get your website to the top. 

Google uses more than 200 factors to determine what you rank for, and how high you rank in organic search results. Leads Mate works hard to optimise your website all the way to page 1!

Icon showing the user experience is improved
Superb User Experience

Optimising your website User Experience, focusing on page speed, mobile-friendliness, usability, relevance and more.

Icon showing users love the quality content
Powerful Quality Content

Content Optimisation that concentrates on keyword targeting, search intent, keyword integration, content usefulness, and more.

Icon to show that site have is trusted
Website Trust and Credibility

Building a strong Backlink Profile with good quality links from external sites to boost your authority, credibility and trust.

Full Range Small Business SEO Specialities

Affordable Small Business SEO Services to Attend to All Your Website Ranking Needs

On-Page SEO

Fix up and optimise each SEO element on your pages to stand out in search results.


No matter how broken it is, Leads Mate can find and fix crawling and indexing issues that are hurting your ranking.

Content & Blog Writing

High-quality web content and blog writing that targets your keywords and aligns with your content marketing.

Link Building

Reliable and authentic outreach and link-building strategies to secure quality Backlinks for your site.

Specialist SEO

Advanced SEO services and strategies for Local SEO, eCommerce SEO & Education SEO.

SEO Audits

Understand your current site configuration and performance. Then fix it with your custom, detailed action plan.

Business Profile

Optimal setup of your Google Business Profile and Bing Places for local “near me” search visibility.

SEO Consultant

Knowledge is power. Got an SEO question? Get it answered by a friendly SEO professional.

Long-Term Relationships Built on Trust

See Why Leads Mate Clients Love Our Partnership

“WOW! This is by far the best service I’ve received in a long time. Corna knows what she’s doing! We received some SEO blogs that were incredibly well put together, and easy to follow. I am definitely going to be using them again!”

Christine Bernard
Welcome to the Hood

“Corna was amazing to deal with. Super fast, efficient, relevant and delivered great quality articles that will help my business’ presence online. THANK YOU!”

Mel Farah
La Fig

“Received an SEO Audit from Corna. It is the most detailed SEO Audit I have ever received and has helped me greatly with my website. Corna is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with.”

Kelly Masterson
The Indoor Oasis

“Thank you so much for your time & effort you poured into helping with the SEO for my business. I’m very happy with your work & you have been super easy to deal with.
Corna wrote some Blog articles and did a keyword study for me. The study has been very detailed & easy to understand, even without any SEO knowledge I was able to implement her work on my website easily. I’m looking forward to see the traffic on my website increase & will be using the services of Corna again in the near future. I highly recommend her services as she is providing fast results suitable for any kind of business niche.”

Sophie Scholl
Lustre. The Ritual.

Personalised Client Care

1:1 Campaign Management That Serves You With Excellence

At Leads Mate, there is no middle man, no sales rep or marketing agent. You are not just another client being ignored by an Account Manager. You work directly with a Small Business SEO professional.

Partnering with a smaller, adaptable, and agile marketing professional gives you a personalised small business SEO service.  

As a matter of practice, Leads Mate would take time to discuss ideas with you and clarify any questions before campaign execution starts. Once running, you are included in every step to ensure the campaign delivers to your taste.

Affordable Small Business SEO Service Packages to Fit Your Budget

Find the Right Package to Help Your Business Grow

Leads Mate offers a wide range of standalone services for small business owners who need specific site elements fixed in a single project. Or supplement your basic DIY-SEO efforts with advanced small business SEO one-off projects. Need to get it all done for you? Whatever your business needs, Leads Mate got you covered with the right monthly affordable small business SEO service package.

Checklist with right objectives
What to Look For in an SEO Service

Leads Mate will not make wild and glamorous promises or guarantees. Instead, Leads Mate will let the results speak for themselves.

A top-level SEO Service should consider your unique business, market, competitors and location when creating the long-term strategy to bring you real results.

Leads Mate values transparency and provides you with honest answers about your campaign.

Calculater and coins
Understanding What You Pay For

At Leads Mate, you will receive a quality, white hat small business SEO service. Only tactics that adhere to search engines’ quality metrics, rules and webmaster policies are used.

No short-cuts are taken, no dodgy black hat outsourcing, no Artificial Intelligence or Spinning to write content. 

This requires a lot of time, manual effort and resources to provide you with the best ROI.

Featured SEO Specialities

Partner with The Best in The Following SEO Specialities

Looking glass on website for SEO Audit
Local SEO

Local SEO services will help you to generate more local traffic in your geographical service area. Whether you are an online or brick-and-mortar business, your customers are using Google Search and Maps to find you.

Perfect for Tradies and Professionals with a local market.

Online Shop eCommerce icon
eCommerce SEO

Creating and setting up your online shop takes blood, sweat and tears, not to mention stocking up your inventory or sorting out your drop-ship processes. 

With eCommerce SEO service you can rest assured that all your efforts will not go wasted, by getting quality visitors to your shop organically.

Gear with web content types
Web Content and Blog Writing

Regular blog posting, refreshing and updating your web pages are critical to boosting your relevance. Content Packages are the ideal solution to get this done consistently.

Perfect if you have a rockstar webmaster already taking care of your website elements.

Looking glass on website for SEO Audit
SEO Audit

A comprehensive SEO Audit of your website, Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking to get a fail-proof strategy and detailed action plan tailored to your business.

Perfect for business owners after a DIY-SEO solution.

Three SEO monthly packages next to each other
Monthly SEO Packages

Take full advantage of a comprehensive and affordable small business SEO service that will take care of all your on-page SEO, content, backlinks and tracking. 

Perfect for time-poor business owners who want to grow their business for long-term success.

Why Partner With Leads Mate for Small Business SEO Excellence

Gear with Eye to show transparency

Never wonder what you are paying for. When you partner with Leads Mate, all deliverables are clearly outlined in your campaign brief and service agreement and provided at the stated price. No hourly rates or nasty surprises on your invoice.

Computer screen with growing graphs

As your long-term strategic partner, Leads Mate cares for your success as much as you do. Each campaign decision and strategy is laser-focused on getting you the best ROI. This means you get real, valuable results for your business.

Cancel Any Time
Signature crossed out

Forget committing to fixed-term contracts. At Leads Mate you can cancel your agreement anytime (30 Days’ Notice), no questions asked. That’s how confident Leads Mate is to deliver results that will exceed your expectations every month.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? No Worries! Here are All the Answers You Need

You can also check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for other essential SEO questions.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all the actions you take to improve your website’s position in search engine result pages (SERP). SEO is an online marketing channel under the Digital Marketing umbrella that specifically focus on driving organic (non-paid) traffic to a website.

Imagine you are in the market for new employment, so you create an online profile on a job listing website. When you make your profile, you fill in the different sections like Contact Details, Education, Work History, etc. You ensure it is accurate and correct by not putting your Education details in Work History or your Experience in the Expected Salary text boxes. You also list the right skills relevant to you, so your profile pops up if someone searches the database. You also put effort into your text to make yourself stand out to recruiters reading your profile. And finally, you don’t include any dodgy referrals that will hurt your credibility. Instead, you only list referrals that will improve your credibility.

This is what small business SEO does for your website on the Internet. It ensures your web page is configured right on a computer code level. It contains accurate and relevant content, gives visitors a good impression, and finally, other sites that link to it improve its credibility and authority.

How Can Search Engine Optimisation Help My Business Grow?

As a Digital Marketing channel, your small business SEO strategy has one primary goal – getting people to visit your website organically when they do online searches. Optimising your website for SEO benefits your business growth in the following ways:

– Lead Generation: If your website is visible at the top of organic search result pages (SERP), you have a higher chance of people clicking your website link. Then it becomes a numbers game. The more online visitors you get, the more enquiries you get, and the more leads you will qualify, which results in more revenue and sales. 

– Elevated Brand Trust: People buy from brands they trust. If your website appears high in the organic search results (SERP), people immediately have more trust in your website. Therefore, small business SEO will improve the credibility and authority of your brand.

– Enhanced User Experience: A proper small business SEO campaign goes beyond just targeting search phrases and keywords. Once a visitor clicks on your link, it should be a positive experience for them. Pages should be easy to follow and navigate, load quickly and have the relevant content to answer their needs. Positive user experiences mean people stay on your website longer, which exponentially increases the chance of returning in the future and even converting to a customer.

– Long-Term ROI and Cost Effectiveness: Marketing is expensive. Most paid traffic campaigns have meagre ROI rates as the cost of running ads is increasingly getting more expensive. Paid campaigns also only offer short-term results for the period your ads are running. On the other hand, small business SEO takes a long time before it starts to produce actual results (6 – 12 months). However, SEO delivers the highest ROI of all Digital Marketing channels over the entire campaign period. Through small business SEO, your brand is in the right place at the right time when people are searching online. Your business will still benefit from the increased organic traffic long after the campaign has ended.

How To Calculate the ROI of a Small Business SEO Campaign?

Calculating your Return on Investment (ROI) is not as straightforward as measuring the increase in your revenue. Like paid ads, SEO’s main job is to bring you online traffic. Converting the traffic into a sale is no longer a “marketing” function. So how is the ROI for small business SEO determined? Each agency and SEO professional will have its process and benchmark, but most calculations commonly revolve around online traffic. The following three measurements will give you the best idea of how your investment is performing:

– Rank Tracking: Tracking the position you have for your target keywords is one way to measure your marketing ROI. By using the statistical scale of Click-Through-Rates (CTR) based on SERP page and position and the average monthly search volume for a keyword, you can calculate your profit (or loss) based on keyword ranking.

– Organic traffic: A straightforward measurement is to take the month-on-month increase (or decrease) of organic visitors that your site received. This data will be available in your Analytics and Search Console dashboards.

– Site authority: Another mainstream measurement is to track your site’s page and domain authority scores. Tracking how much Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) scores increased (or decreased) is a good indication if your SEO efforts are working (or not).

How Can I Get Quality Organic Visitors with SEO?

The importance of organic traffic to your website is a topic that can be an entire blog discussion on its own. In short, organic traffic is gold because it has a very high buying intent and is super targeted. If someone is searching for “red yoga mat below $30” online, it is clear that they are in the market to buy a new yoga mat, and if they find a red one that costs less than $30, there is a good chance that they will go ahead and buy it. Having the right small business SEO strategy will make your website visible to people who are already searching for the products and services you offer.

Why is SEO Critical for a Small Business?

Whether you run an online shop, or a local trade service business, being visible on the world wide web is critical, regardless of the size of your business. Search engines have time and again proved that it is the best way to reach potential customers. The number of people who use Google to find local services with phrases such as “plumber near me” has increased by a massive 900% over the last two years, and continues to grow. Brick and mortar retailers have almost all adopted a hybrid model where they have a virtual online shop in addition to their physical locations. As a small business, your website will quickly be swallowed in and “disappear” if it is not optimised properly.

How Does SEO Help with Long-Term Visibility?

Radio spots, billboards, Pay-Per-Click Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram – once the campaign ends, your ad will disappear, and no longer direct people to your website. Small business SEO does not have that constraint. Once you optimise and publish a page on the Internet, it remains there. Yes, from time to time will need to refresh and update that page, but your content is still there, living on the world wide web.

Why is Content Important for SEO?

Content is King. This is probably the most overused marketing tagline known, yet there is so much truth in that statement. Excellent web content is crucial if you want your website to stand out as an authority and have topical Relevance. Without it, you will struggle to get a top-ranking position. Done right, the content on your site is what tells Google that you are a trustworthy and credible source. Quality content also helps you to secure quality backlinks. The higher quality backlinks your site can acquire, the higher its credibility and authority, which is essential in rankings. Therefore, you should invest enough time and resources to get frequent blog articles published and regularly refresh your page content. The small business SEO services offered by Leads Mate has a strong focus on quality content.

Why is On-Page SEO Important?

Without proper on-page optimisation, your website has no foundation for ranking. On-page SEO is the process of setting up your page and the different elements found in the computer code of your page. Examples are Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Headers, etc. It is imperative to do this right, as On-Page SEO will determine WHAT your page ranks for. In other words, which keywords you are targeting with small business SEO. 

Note: Off-Page SEO will determine how high you rank for those keywords.

How Can I Get the Most out of Meta Descriptions?

Since Google does not directly look at Meta Descriptions as a ranking signal, this critical component is often overlooked and under-optimised. Firstly, Google is not the only search engine out there, and secondly, Meta Descriptions still have a critical role to play in the user experience of your website. And ranking positions are all about the best relevancy and user experience. So getting the Meta descriptions done right is super important for small business SEO. These description tags can be seen as the “advertising copy” of your web page. The more engaging you make it, the higher the Click-Through-Rate of your link will be. This alone is reason enough to make a good effort when setting up your meta description.

How To Make Sure My Site is Mobile-Friendly?

There are many reasons why your website should be Mobile-Friendly. Your small business SEO strategy will not be complete without it. The three most essential ones are listed here:

– Suppose your website layout is designed for a mobile device by default. In that case, it will be a very easy accessible website with quick navigation and a straightforward structure. This gives you a lot of “points” for User Experience when ranking is calculated.

– People tend to be using their phones increasingly more to perform searches for businesses. The number of business searches within Maps or using Voice Command searching is skyrocketing. People are also more likely to own a phone than a personal computer. Doing “quick” searches when they need something or want to browse around online shopping is much more likely to happen on a phone or tablet.

– The last point hinges on the previous two. Data shows us that mobile phone traffic results in higher CTR and Conversion rates. This is simply because people find it more convenient to use their phones to search. When they find a site that is easy to use with their phone, they will complete the entire sales journey from their mobile devices. Therefore, it is crucial to optimise your phone for mobile phone usage to benefit from higher conversion rates.

What is Technical SEO and How Does It Work?

When dealing with Technical SEO, or technical optimisations, it goes beyond just setting proper values inside the coded tags of your pages and page content. It is a crucial part of small business SEO. These optimisations’ main objective is to make it easier for search engine spiders and bots to crawl and index your website. If your website is not crawled correctly and does not end up in the search engine’s index, it will never appear in search results. It is therefore critical that both those actions can be done optimally. Technical optimisations include improving site speed, setting structured data and schema markup, and optimising robots.txt files and sitemap.xml files.

What is the Importance of Backlinks (Link Building)?

The incoming links from other websites to your website are backlinks. These links are relevant for search engines, as it is an excellent way for them to find new websites on the Internet. More importantly, search engines see backlinks to your website as recommendations from others sites that they can trust your website. This improves your credibility. Suppose these links come from other sites in the same industry as you or a related industry. In that case, it increases your site’s topical Relevance. Higher quality backlinks pass on a more significant amount of credibility and trust to your authority score. This is crucial for successful small business SEO.

Where on-page SEO determines what keywords you rank for, Backlinks (off-page SEO) will determine HOW HIGH your site ranks. Therefore, Leads Mate goes to great lengths to acquire quality backlinks as part of the small business SEO services we offer.

What is Local SEO Visibility?

Local SEO is when you optimise your business’ online visibility for a specific geographical location. The Google Business Profile on Google (and Bing Places on Bing), is an excellent way for small businesses to get their locations listed on Maps and local search results (local SERP). 76% of people searching for nearby businesses on their phones (so-called “near me” searches) will visit them within one day, and 28% of these searches end in a purchase. So it is clear that the opportunity to target local keywords is crucial if you want to reach a local audience, even more so if you own a local service or trade business. Local SEO is included in virtually all the Leads Mate small business SEO services.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO refers to:
– Small business SEO processes using only approved and ethical strategies and tactics;
– that operate within the rules of search engines;
– adhere to the quality metrics prescribed by search engine webmasters; and 
– meets the expectations of searchers.

Leads Mate only practices White Hat small business SEO and will get your website ranking improved and visible without trickery and spammy schemes. Your website integrity will be maintained at all times, as Leads Mate only operates within the terms of services and quality metrics of search engines.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black (and Grey) Hat SEO are tactics and strategies that will get your page ranking higher, but it does not fall within the terms of services of search engines. Search engine algorithms are becoming more and more sophisticated and consequently pick up on unnatural page rankings much easier than in the past. If your site is not penalised automatically by the algorithm, you can still be penalised manually or worst case, be banned from SERPs for good. The biggest telltale that your site has been penalised is a significant and sudden drop in organic search traffic to your website. 

Some Black Hat small business SEO Tactics to look out for and avoid at all costs are:

– Content Automation or creating pages, subdomains, and domains with duplicate content, Keyword Stuffing, and Article Spinning.
– Doorway Pages, Sneaky Redirects, Hidden Text or Links, Link Schemes, Rich Snippet Markup Spam, or Cloaking.
– Guest Posting Networks (Private Blog Networks), Link Manipulation (including buying links), Link Farms, Link Wheels or Link Networks.
– Falsely Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO).

Is SEO Worth It for a Small Business?

Search engines dominate the scene when it comes to web or online traffic. It is not likely to change. So much so that almost half of all web traffic comes from organic searches. What does this mean for your small business? Unless your potential customers know your exact website address, it is far more likely that they will only land on your pages following an online search. If your site is not visible to online searchers, you will remain the best-kept secret. A well-executed small business SEO campaign will deliver an exceptional ROI to your business in time. You will even continue to reap the benefits long after the campaign ends. So “Yes!” Small business SEO is worth it, especially for local service and trade businesses.

Why Should I Partner With Leads Mate for Search Engine Optimisation?

Leads Mate understands the constraints of small businesses and keeps on pushing the limits with affordable small business SEO services. Leads Mate takes pride in the quality of each service provided and keeps your ROI and Results at the heart of each campaign. There is no compromise when it comes to quality. Not for your small business SEO, and not for your client care. The boutique-style services that Leads Mate offers, give you a next-level client care experience with exceptional personalised communication and comradery. Partnering with Leads Mate does not just save you time and money, but you get a long-term relationship that wants to see your small business succeed.

Does Leads Mate Offer Any Guarantees?

Leads Mate offers the following guarantees:
– We only use white hat (ethical) strategies, tactics and methods to rank your site.
– We regularly provide you with reporting of your campaign performance and results.
– We will serve you with transparency and honesty.
– We will work hard and move heaven, earth and the SERPs to get your website ranking.
– We will remain true to our philosophy of providing small business owners value and affordable small business SEO services at premium quality.

Got More Questions?

Leads Mate has more answers. If you can’t find the information you need on this page, or the Frequently Asked Questions page, simply submit your free query for honest, friendly advice and guidance. Get your small business SEO sorted out today!

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