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The Leads Mate Express Intro

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Leads Mate is a solo-operated small business, owned by Corna Van Der Merwe.

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Leads Mate offers full-suite SEO services to get your website visible in online searches.

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Ideal Client: Small businesses ready to grow with organic traffic – from online shops to local shops and services.

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Based in Townsville North QLD, serving you Australia-wide.

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Established in 2021.

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With Leads Mate, you get your team’s long-term strategic marketing partner.

The Values That Underpin Leads Mate

Your Trust and Business Are Earned

The Leads Mate Way is Transparency. This means “what you see is what you really get” – no nasty surprises like an “online shopping gone wrong meme”. Winning clients should only be the result of me giving you genuine value. No cheap marketing tactics or sales gimmicks.

Quality Should Never Be Compromised

Providing premium SEO services at affordable fees is achieved by cutting overheads and working efficiently. Never by dropping quality. There is NO outsourcing to cheap, unknown, doubt-casting third parties. Everything is done in-house and checked rigorously.

Family Is Everything

We all love what we do, and we love the families that we support and that support us. Things like Click-Through-Rates, Google Rankings and Building Links are important during business hours. After we “punch out” it’s time to focus on the family.

Knowledge is Power

Each configuration and strategic change is data-driven. It is not based on what we think or feel is best but on what the data tells us. The digital landscape is constantly changing. This is why I remain curious and up to date on search engine updates and industry best practices.

Why Partner With Leads Mate for Small Business SEO Excellence

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Never wonder what you are paying for. When you partner with Leads Mate, all deliverables are clearly outlined in your campaign brief and service agreement and provided at the stated price. No hourly rates or nasty surprises on your invoice.

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As your long-term strategic partner, Leads Mate cares for your success as much as you do. Each campaign decision and strategy is laser-focused on getting you the best ROI. This means you get real, valuable results for your business.

Cancel Any Time
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Forget committing to fixed-term contracts. At Leads Mate you can cancel your agreement anytime (30 Days’ Notice), no questions asked. That’s how confident Leads Mate is to deliver results that will exceed your expectations every month.

A Collision Path With Passion

Quick Bio

Hi, my name is Corna. I worked 12+ years in corporate ICT with various roles such as Engineering, Product Management and Client Services. Besides marketing, I’m passionate about writing and all things technical. 

Here are 3 Fun Facts about me:

  • Favourite Movie: The Prestige
  • Favourite Ice Cream: Salted Caramel
  • Favourite Animal: Rhino
The Courage to Break Free

After a decade+ in a corporate ICT engineering career, things had become a bit of a treadmill as I was always working for someone else’s dream. So after taking the plunge and moving countries with our young (and growing) family, I was set to become self-employed. This is one of the biggest challenges for any freelance SEO, writer or blogger. Completely breaking free from employment was a huge risk, and it took me a long time to build up the courage. (A few years actually.)

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A Better Way to do Marketing

So, how did I get over it? There was a steep learning curve and a LOT of dollars spent on coaches, courses, marketing and “gurus”, which (to be honest) did not work. It took me a long time to find what I do best because it was only until I was working with clients that I realised I need to stick to my own way. I am an introvert, who happens to be great at writing, technical stuff and marketing. Not a flamboyant salesperson. Doing all the standard tactics to “strangers” on social media and the Internet (like my coaches told me to do) made me feel tacky, spammy and not true to myself. I just knew there had to be a better way to do marketing that is not invasive and does not involve me sending automated email chains to strangers.

A Lost Cause, or Not?

I knew there had to be a way where I could earn my clients instead of “buying” them with marketing trickery. While doing my own online shopping one late evening, it dawned on me that I never go to page 2 on Google when searching for something. I always pick a business on page 1. A flame rushed through my body as I knew how to solve my marketing problem – I had to get on to the first page of Google.

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SEO is the Way To Go

It finally hit me that I need to start doing what I was telling clients to do. At the time I was freelancing as a Facebook Ads Manager and immersing myself in the world of digital marketing. I had to become my own client and work on my own “traffic” problem. This “real-life” experience connected me with all my passions: research, writing and technical web development. I decided to ditch paid Ads and focus solely on SEO.

A Whole New World

Deciding to follow this passion, I started to solely provide SEO services for others. When it comes to online marketing, SEO is the least understood, and many business owners either don’t know anything about it or just ignore it because it all seems too complex. That is why I love sharing my passion for SEO, helping other business owners cut through the mountains of jargon and vagueness, and giving them simplified SEO solutions. Solutions that make businesses visible online and compete against big companies while focusing on value, quality and staying true to yourself.

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