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What Happens Behind the Scenes

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Your Business Growth Starts Here

Magnifying glass investigating website

It all starts with your enquiry. Leads Mate will investigate your website and do a high-level assessment to establish “Ground 0”.

Strategy Document that is hitting the target

During a call, we’ll discuss the strategies that will help your site and build a campaign around your business goals, together.

Rocket launching for a growing business

With our goals aligned and strategy in place, we take action to grow your business.

Consistently Driving Results

Following a refined and proven methodology that drives success, each time

Leads Mate works hard to make sure that your website is the first thing people see when they Google search your products or services.

We never rely on guesswork, and that is why a lot of time is spent investigating the top organic ranking sites in your industry and niche. From this analysis, we get the insights to understand what is working in real-life.

Then it is just a matter of “reverse-engineering” these benchmarks and replicating them across your website, in a natural way.

The result? A campaign that delivers. Every time.

A Closer Look At the Leads Mate Approach to Success

Graphic of keyword research

The first action of each campaign is always a comprehensive keyword research study, together with a deep-dive manual audit of your site. Your pages get dissected and all the different bits and pieces are mapped into a specially developed tool.

Graphich of magifying glasses and gears analysing websites

Considering your target keywords, the next step is to analyse the top organic search competitors. Very similarly, competitor sites are dissected and mapped. Leads Mate looks at hundreds of different data points during a cross-analysis to determine your industry/niche benchmarks.

Website of website optimisatino benchmarking

Once the benchmarks are set, your site elements are checked against the data, and the necessary changes are made to go match and exceed them. All aspects are covered – including technical metrics, on-page settings, content and off-page efforts (link profiles). And then the magic happens!

Graphic showing the optimisations are tracked and evaluated

But it doesn’t stop here. Leads Mate meticulously keeps track of all your keywords and ranking and has a system in place to make sure it remains within acceptable thresholds. As soon as the data supports it, the whole process is rinsed and repeated, ensuring your website remains visible in organic search results.

Campaign Structure

No two campaigns are ever the same, but they do follow a structure

Month 1-2:

(Campaign Kick-Off, Research & Configuration Tasks) 

Defining Goals, Strategy & Targeting. Competitor Analysis. Keyword Research. Analytics Setup. Google Business Profile set up and optimisation. On-page SEO. Technical SEO. Content Strategy.

Every Month: Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting.

Month 3+: Internal Links. Content Writing. External Link Building. Blog Posting. Continued Enhancement.

Every 3 Months: Strategy and Performance review and alignment.
Every 6 Months: Deep-Dive Site Audit & Strategy Alignment work session.

Graphic showing the journey to the top of a mountain

SEO Results Timeline

When Will You See Results

Spoiler Alert! There is no definitive answer to this question. 😞 If you type “how long does SEO take to work” into Google search you will get the same vague answer:

“SEO takes 6 months to show an increase in organic traffic on average, while the full results of good SEO strategies are visible after 12 – 24 months.”

As frustrating as this is, it is very much similar to trying to answer how long it will take you to get fit to run a marathon. It greatly depends on your current fitness level, existing medical conditions, health habits, age, time available to practice, access to a gym, etc.

Some things will make your journey shorter, other things will make it longer. This table shows some factors that have an influence on your results timeline for SEO.

Icon of time that goes faster
Things that will speed up SEO Results
  • Current Level of Optimisation: Having some work done on your site already means there is less outstanding work to be done.
  • Solving major technical issues that were holding you back, such as pages not crawling or indexing.
  • Targeting less competitive keywords with lower traffic, but still active (to start with).
  • Quality of existing Content: If the quality of existing page content is high, it will require less effort to reconstruct.
  • Website Age: Mature websites that have been active for a long time will build trust more quickly.
  • Business Age: Mature businesses with established brands and trust will get results sooner.
  • Current rankings: A site that already is on pages 2 to 5 for some keywords will require less time and resources to jump to page 1.
  • Location: Localised results in a small or regional physical location with fewer competitors will require less time and resources.
  • Industry/niche: If you don’t have many competitors, or you offer a very sought-after product or service, you will see results quicker. Example – Being the GP in a small town.
  • Bigger Budget: Get more work done in the same period of time (You either pay for things with money, or you pay for them with time).
Icon of time that goes slow like a snail
Things that will slow down SEO results
  • Completely non-optimised sites will take longer to fix up and get moving.
  • Targeting highly competitive keywords requires more time and resources.
  • Quality of existing Content: If the quality of existing page content is poor, it will require more effort to reconstruct.
  • Website Age: New websites compete with high-performing mature sites.
  • Website Age: Brand new websites need to “hold back” on certain optimisation velocities, and gradually increase efforts to maintain a natural growth curve.
  • Business Age: Start-ups and young businesses with unknown brands will require more time and effort to build authority and trust.
  • Current rankings: A site that doesn’t have existing organic keyword rankings will require more time and resources to move up the ranks.
  • Location: Localised results in a big City and physical location with many competitors will require more time and resources.
  • Industry/niche: If you have many competitors, or you offer very similar products or services to other players in the market, it will take longer. Example – Insurance company trying to rank on a national level. 
  • Limited Budget: Limiting the work that can be done (You either pay for things with money, or you pay for them with time).

Why Partner With Leads Mate for Small Business SEO Excellence

Gear with Eye to show transparency

Never wonder what you are paying for. When you partner with Leads Mate, all deliverables are clearly outlined in your campaign brief and service agreement and provided at the stated price. No hourly rates or nasty surprises on your invoice.

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As your long-term strategic partner, Leads Mate cares for your success as much as you do. Each campaign decision and strategy is laser-focused on getting you the best ROI. This means you get real, valuable results for your business.

Cancel Any Time
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Forget committing to fixed-term contracts. At Leads Mate you can cancel your agreement anytime (30 Days’ Notice), no questions asked. That’s how confident Leads Mate is to deliver results that will exceed your expectations every month.

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